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  • Adrift: Savoring and Suffering in the High Sierras

    The Hike In   Starting the hike in at 10 pm may not have been my first mistake. At least that was what I was thinking by midnight. I wasn’t […]


    Birthdays mark the beginning of life. Mine marked the end of Shannon’s. I arrived in the Great Falls parking lot for some race training and birthday laps, and I heard […]

    Linville Gorge: Triumph and Tragedy

    Editor’s note: On April 28, 2018 a small team of kayakers paddled North Carolina’s Linville Gorge from Pine Trail to Lake James three times in one day. Linville is one of […]

    The Sandbags of Time

    I look at the call list on my phone. Galen’s name alternates in red and black down the screen. Phone tag. I touch his name and finally get him on […]

  • Ultra Classic: the Wayne Gentry Interview

    At the 1991 Gauley Festival Wayne Gentry released Green Summer, his first whitewater film. While Bob Benner called Gorilla “the most bodacious rapid ever run by the elite eastern hairheads” […]

    Housatonic Horizon Lines

    If you are lucky, the summer you are eighteen something great happens to you. It is a warm and wet June morning. Everything is dripping new, like a city street […]

    A Fine Line

    A fine line separates the good from the bad, the clean from the chaos. It is a finer line still that separates good judgment from bad judgment. And the line […]


    The modern world with all its traps is hard to escape. The smartphone by my bed beeps and I am awake. It is far too early. An email has arrived. […]

  • Musings of the Mystery

    “If rightly made, a boat would be a sort of amphibious animal, a creature of two elements, related by one-half its structure to some swift and shapely fish, and by […]